By patients for patients

Revive Clinic is founded by patients to support fellow patients who have seen their quality of life seriously diminished by multi-system diseases such as chronic lyme, ME/CFS, Post-COVID 19, fibromyalgia or an auto-immune disease.

Unique 5-pillar and patient centered approach

Revive Clinic focuses on your medical, physical, mental, nutritional and social well-being to optimize your journey towards a healthy life. At Revive Clinic you will receive personalized treatments guided by the treatment plan your doctor at home designed for you in close cooperation with Revive’s doctors. This patient centered approach guarantees optimal results while ensuring the continuity of your treatment during and after your stay with us. If you approach us directly, our doctors will happily create a recovery program tailor-made for you.

  • Medical treatments to make you feel better

  • Physical therapies to make you feel stronger

  • Mental exercises to rebalance body and mind

  • Nutrition advice to help restore your health

  • Social interaction to have fun and reconnect

Committed team of professionals

You will be welcomed by a world-class team of dedicated professionals committed to helping you on your way to vitality. Our team of doctors are amongst the best in Europe specialized in multi-systemic diseases and treat our patients with a holistic approach.

World-class facilities at Pine Cliffs

The clinic is located at the Pine Cliffs Resort right along one of the iconic beaches in the south of Portugal, with all of its great benefits: sunshine, clean air, blue ocean and a warm climate all year round. It provides for the optimal environment to heal!